Traffic Signal Soliciting

March 12th, 2007 by Anand

From the country where I come from, deals are made @ traffic signals; traffic signals are lively hood for many folks, from selling to soliciting. That’s life!!!

Recently this phenomenon has picked up in DC metro area. Now why am I writing this post? I have no complains with this but sometime this gets 2 dangerous when people do this on high traffic routes. Recently I witnessed a scene where the person after soliciting didn’t have enough time to run back to his designated spot on the median and ended up slipping on the road and inches away from the tires of a car which had started to move as the signal had turned green. Lucky that nothing major happened to the person but just some minor bruises. Let’s all be sensible, people have to make living, sell roses and papers Monday to Friday, collect funds for your favorite charity over the weekend, advertise for car wash or local stores but do soliciting in parking garages or those huge parking lots but not @ high traffic signals where people have to merge into high & fast traffic.

Who are responsible to control this activity, the individuals or the companies that ask them to use this marketing strategy, or the local law enforcement (BTW they watch all this on their monitor screens which feed them with live images from the camera’s installed over this traffic signals).

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